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April 17, 2012

Dodgeball + Briefcase Relay = Fun Day at Work

IMG_0953Here at, we don't need The Hunger Games, we have The Westchase Games! Just this past Friday, over 20 employees participated in The Westchase Games.

Check out our entire Westchase District Corporate Challenge photo album on Facebook here - be sure to tag yourself if you were there too!

This fun event, brought to us by the Westchase District and some great sponsors, is designed to get us cubicle junkies out and about, participating in fun events like a briefcase relay and dodgeball.

IMG_0935More than 60 Westchase District businesses came geared and properly stretched to the all day event - ready for a day of great team-building, networking and most of all, fun!  Not to mention the event is for a great cause, raising more than $155,000 which is donated to area charities, the Westchase District Fund and Quillian Center’s Summer Camp program.


"The best event of the day had to be the briefcase relay. We had to step through a ladder, balance on a balance beam and dive through a 30+ foot bounce house complete with obstacles, all while holding a cell phone and briefcase," said Stephanie P., our online marketing manager."Plus, how better to get to know your CIO than over a game of dodgeball."

Each company participated in five athletic events: Football Toss, NBA 2-ball, Soccer Kick, Briefcase Relay and Dodge Ball.   With just a few drops of rain, the day truly turned out to be one full of memories, fun and even some winning… yeah Dodge Ball!   

Even Larry, our resident cave diver, got worn out - and that's saying something!


Don't forget our Westchase District Corporate Challenge photo album on Facebook to see even more of the action!


April 13, 2012

Eco-friendly: How to clean out before you clean up!

Photo thanks to Flickr user ikes

While working recycling into your home schedule is a great idea (and one we'll be talking about more!), there's nothing better for the planet than using less and re-using what you've already got.

But what happens when you've got a house, closet or garage full of stuff that you'd like to see gone - we love donating to Goodwill and local shelters, but even we were surprised at some of the cool tools we had previously overlooked!


Glad you asked, because we've wondered the same thing.  Here are a few great ideas from GOOD magazine on sites to help you get rid of that clutter to keep the re-use magic going.  You may even make a little moolah!

  1. is quite possibly the quickest and simplest way to get some of your goods online for the world to see (and buy, but that's not what you're there for right!?).
  2. Karmagoat is a great site to sell clothing and household goods, except instead of pocketing the cash it all goes to your favorite charity.
  3. Never Liked It Anyway is the answer for 'what to do with those gifts and gems from the ex'.  Sell jewelry / wedding dresses / other stuff, clean house, fell better.  For a complete unloading, share your break up story to the world (yes, really).

Need a few other sites to help give you an extra push for your next de-cluttering project?  Here are a few of our favorite sites on doing the clean out deed:

  • Unclutterer - this great blog tackles all sorts of cleaning, organizing and de-cluttering topics.  
  • Zenhabits - whether you want to simplify your life or clean out your home, this site has something for you.
  • JustGive - this site houses a powerful local charity search engine, so whether you want to donate a set of furniture, old winter clothes or an internal organ you know just where to go in your community.
  • 18 simple tips to declutter your home by going green - We love these actionable tips by DailyGreen, bet you will too.
  • Neighborgoods - If you're pondering whether to buy that leaf blower, check out this site instead.  It's a neighborhood-based site helping connect tools and other expensive / space intensive items so you can loan and borrow, instead of buy and store.

What are your favorite tips to helping de-clutter your home?  

Don't forget to leave a comment and share online your favorite go-green tips to win one of our fabulous Eco-Goody Baskets!

April 10, 2012

Glass door makeover + giveaway with Chris Loves Julia!

Sometimes it's easy to fall in love with a blog - funny posts, great photos, interesting tips and fabulous sounding people.  And then sometimes those bloggers email you and you love them more!


That's how we felt when the great folks behind the Chris Loves Julia blog (Chris and Julia, of course) wrote us to help with covering a challenging glass door in their family room. 

And boy did they do it right!  They selected our great woven wood shades in Jamaica Walnut to great effect.  The natural-looking shades add warmth to those pretty gray walls and white trim - all while blocking out the glaring sun.

The team is now helping this fab blogging duo give away a $100 gift card and one of the cool home design mood boards.

Leave them a comment by  4/12/2012 about a room that you're finding to be a challenge to decorate for a chance to win!

Who are your favorite home design bloggers?  Share some links in the comments below!

April 09, 2012

Catching the sun with bling for your windows


Lightcatchers on window
This Pin inspired our post - see more of The Dotty One's fused glass here!

As much as we love covering your windows, this time of year is perfect for basking in the Spring sunshine with your blinds and shades wide open.

Does anyone else remember painting sun catchers at summer camp to hang proudly in your bedroom?  Here are a few more grown up sun catchers that we like to refer to as 'window bling'. 


Sure it's meant to be garden art, but how cute would it be to have one of these beautiful glass plate suncatcher flowers popping up out of a terra cotta pot on your window sill?

Owl suncatcher

Hoot hoot - these hand painted stained glass owl suncatchers are tiny and cute - what a fun embellishment to even the smallest window.  Maybe in a bathroom or near your front door?


It'd be hard to not feel colorful with this fun rainbow stained glass window panel shining in on your morning.


If flowers are your thing, give them a permanent spot inside your home outside the vase with this beautiful poppy sun catcher from Terry Brown Glass.


What a cute baby shower gift this would be - a silly sheep suncatcher (also available in blue) for your favorite mama and baby.

Do you have a special way of enjoying the Springtime sunshine in your home?

April 05, 2012

What keeps your home green - comment to win!

We love beautiful, healthy and eco-awesome homes! This month, we’re all about sharing tips and great Earth friendly window products to help keep your casa feeling great, green and gorgeous!!


Check out our Eco-Friendly Home Series this month for eco cleaning tips, Earth-friendly products and tips for saving green by being green.  But we need your help!


Share a tip and win an Eco Goody!


Do YOU have a great eco-friendly tip to share with the world?  Leave a comment about your favorite 'go-green' tip, product, recipe or project on this blog post below to be in the running to win one of our great prizes!


Your comments and tips give you a chance to win:

Clean it, clean it good basket (2 available)

Green laundry, dishes and counters - oh my! (1 available)

Read it, clean it and love it! (1 available)

  • A Kindle Fire for easy, paperless reading
  • $50 Amazon gift card to download your favorite eco-home titles!

Clue us in on all of your green home knowledge as we celebrate the little and big ways we can make a difference room-by-room in our homes.  Happy Eco Month with!

Want more ways to win?  Leave a comment and start sharing!

  1. Leave a comment with a tip below in our comments section
  2. Sign in for extra entries in the giveaway widget below!
  3. a Rafflecopter giveaway

March 29, 2012

The unicorns are coming on April 1st!!

April 1st, a day that we are re-claiming as a day of magic, surprise and... unicorns.  No foolin'.

Would you like to receive a mythical creature of your very own?  We're sending unicorns to the first 50 people who order one of our FREE Product Sample Packs on

We can't promise they'll grant every wish, but we can say that between a pack full of beautiful samples for your windows AND a new unicorn pal, your day will pretty much be amazing.Unicorninfo

Be sure to check out our unicorn infestation at the Blinds.complex on Facebook, it's getting magical around here.  See you on April 1st in our Free Samples checkout page!


March 23, 2012

Real customer photos: Chic roller shades


We loved seeing customer Heath's GORGEOUS living room that has recently been fitted with some great budget roller shades

His slate color choice looks so sophisticated with those gleaming wood floors and fabulous white drapery panels.  While this budget shade is one of our more no-frills products, the color selection and great light filtering helps your room look like a million bucks. 

Just one more example of a great looking room that doesn't have to break the bank to make your windows tie it all together.  Nicely done, Heath!

Pick out your favorite color and leave your own beautiful roller shade product photos on our site, this might be just the thing your windows are calling for!


March 15, 2012

Real customer photos: Modern windows in New Jersey

IK from New Jersey room
Cordless Top Down Bottom Up cellular shade in Cool White from

We love how customer I.K. from New Jersey incorporated a simple window shade to give her bedroom a great look, the privacy she needs - all while maintaining her beautiful view!

Retreating into a beautiful gray and white world every night sounds dreamy, right!?

If you'd like to re-create this beautiful bedroom window look, take a look at our Cordless Top-Down Bottom-Up Cellular Shade.  This customer selected our Cool White color which really pops out thanks to the gorgeous gray painted walls. 

Not sure how the top down bottom up feature would look in your home?  Trust us, it's really amazing - you can check out some more photos on our site!


Have you transformed a room with your windows lately? 
Share your photos on our Facebook page, upload to your blog and add a link in our comments below or email katie AT blinds DOT com!

March 14, 2012

Leaky windows mean big energy bills - fight back!

Do you ever wonder if your windows and blinds are in cahoots with your rising energy bill? 

Check out our handy Energy Saving Window Treatments infographic to find out for yourself!


The top window treatments for energy efficiency are cell shades, wood blinds and shutters

Have you installed any of these in your home or office lately?  Tell us how they've turned out!


March 09, 2012

Keep Calm and Carry On - the story of a graphic icon



We were tickled to run into the history of one of the most recognizable type-treated visuals in the world on The Guardian today. 

The 'Keep Calm and Carry On' mantra is one we've probably all repeated to ourselves and, if you're like us at least, you may have put it on your office wall, coffee cup or other easily accessible spot.

The image was one of three similar messages created during World War II for a very special purpose:

Some 2.5m copies of our poster were printed, but in the end they were kept back; "held in reserve, intended for use only in times of crisis or invasion", which happily never came.

While you may not have lucked out and found an original as Barter Books did,  there are lots of ways to incorporate this slogan and sentiment into your favorite rooms.  Here are some of our favorites:


Bring the calm sweetness to your living room with this industrial style pillow cover from blackrufflebrigade on Etsy


'Keep Calm and Carry On' metallic silver poster from Etsy seller sfgirlbybay


Or share the calmness when you need it most after injury - bandages from Paper Source!

And be sure to welcome your guests in the most gracious, British style possible with this fun welcome mat.

There's something special about incorporating decorative items into your home with a good story and a little bit of history - what's your favorite?

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